How to Choose the Best SEO Agency

How to Choose the Best SEO Agency?

In today’s digital world, where people search for products online to decide their purchase, website optimization is critical to all businesses. It helps you reach a wider set of audience, increasing your chances of sales. However, SEO optimization requires skill and expertise to ensure you get the best results. Thus, you might need to hire an SEO agency. Besides the famous best SEO agency Primelis, you can find thousands of other option. So, how to choose the best SEO agency in world?

Before Contacting an SEO Agency

Even before you contact any SEO company, there are some initial steps to follow. You must do your homework before contacting an SEO agency.

Define your SEO Goals

Did you know that over 70% of businesses hire SEO professionals to rank relevant keywords and surpass their competitors? But there’s a lot more to SEO. The most common SEO needs of online companies include:

  • Rank certain strategic keywords that gain more customers than your competitors
  • Generate high-quality backlinks for your site from authority sites or influencers
  • To improve the Google ranking of the existing content on your business site
  • Work on content optimization to make it user and search engine friendly
  • To attract more ideal customers, i.e., generate high-quality leads
  • Increase sales through organic traffic

Thus, the first step before hiring an SEO agency is to determine your SEO goals and the outcomes you expect. Once you know your goals and desired results from SEO, the path to hiring an agency becomes clearer. Now, you can look for an SEO company that understands your targets and works accordingly.

Look for References

Many businesses in your circle must have used SEO services. Thus, it might help you contact the best SEO agency in world. Contact your trusted friends in business and your business associates for recommendations if they’ve worked with an SEO company. You can also ask about their SEO goals; if they are similar to your goals, then their recommendation is worth considering.

Furthermore, discuss their experience with that agency and how it helped them achieve their targets. It will help you make a decision with a clear thought.

However, even if you get a referral to an SEO agency, don’t forget to research about their previous experience. It is because some agencies run referral programs that offer monthly commissions to people recommending their business.

For instance, let’s suppose the best SEO agency Primelis, offers referral commissions, and I direct you towards hiring them. As a result, I will get a certain percentage of your contract price as a monthly commission.

So, it is better to be aware and not rely entirely on recommendations.

Research Thoroughly

As we mentioned, research thoroughly to find the best match based on your SEO goals. You can use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to find an SEO company that aligns with your business needs. Plus, remember to search for reviews to have a look through their records and expertise.

Also, try contacting the reviewers for a detailed discussion on the agency’s services and their experience with them. It will help you understand the company’s behavior and professionalism in handling a project and customer concerns.

In addition to reviews, consider the social media presence, like stories and posts of SEO agencies. Besides social media pages, consider researching on their official websites as well. Notice if their website is ranking for relevant keywords or not. If it’s ranking well, it’s a good sign, but if not, then you might need to rethink before hiring them.

Decide your Budget and Compare Pricing

Make a monthly budget range that you can spend on SEO services for your business. Considering that pricing varies based on services, set up a price range with these two simple ways:

  • Explore the SEO market to overview the pricing for the required services
  • Talk about the service charges with friends or reviewers who acquired SEO services similar to yours.

However, keep in mind that too low or too high pricing can cause a problem for your business. When over-the-top rates can disturb your set budget, too low costs can be a red flag. So, look for an SEO agency that falls within your budget and ticks all the other boxes.

When You Contact SEO Agencies

Now, when you must have shortlisted a few SEO companies, contact them personally to discuss things in detail. But what to ask for when contacting the shortlisted service providers?

These further steps will help you decide on the best SEO agency in 2023.

Ask for their Portfolio

Get portfolios from every company you’re considering hiring to learn about their previous record and performance. Ask for case studies and examples of their track record, especially in your business niche.

The agency must show you a detailed case study closely similar to the SEO goals you’re seeking for your site. Ask for examples that include before and after results of their SEO services. Then, discuss how they optimized the websites and helped in better ranking.

Tip: Don’t get impressed with charts or tables showing upward trends and increase in organic traffic; rather, ask them to explain things in detail.

Bridge the Communication Gap in Advance

Try to bridge the communication gap between you and the SEO agency even before it comes to light. Remember to address how you want to be regularly in touch with the SEO team. And how they will always keep you updated regarding the progress or any new trends. Also, ensure to discuss if you don’t want any further changes in the plan without you being onboard.

Apart from these, make sure the company is completely transparent regarding its SEO strategies. You can also ask for a plan of action (including the services, methods of SEO, and approximate time for the results) for your SEO requirements in advance.

There is no need to mention how clear communication between both parties will help achieve the desired results within the estimated time.

When you Choose the Best SEO Agency in 2023

Get Everything on a Written Contract

By now, you must have made up your mind to hire the best SEO agency in world for your business. So, the last step is to prepare a written contract with everything decided mentioned on it. For instance, all the services they will provide, the total cost of these services, and the due time for payments.

Read the contract thoroughly to ensure that there are no hidden costs that you’ve to pay later. Also, you can mention any limitations, like how you want to be informed before any changes in the decided SEO strategic plan.

5 Reasons Hiring an SEO Agency is Better than an In-house Team

To achieve the desired SEO, you need a professional team of SEO experts. Search engine optimization helps websites and online products bring quality leads and potential clients. Eventually, it increases sales. So, you need an agency that helps you with the latest SEO trends to rank in SERPs.

  1. Hiring an agency will save you the time, effort, and money you will spend to build a well-performing team
  2. Their experience and expertise in SEO will show better and faster results than an in-house team
  3. An agency keeps sites updated with the ever-changing SEO trends by using their inside tactics
  4. They can detect a website’s needs and customize a pricing plan, especially based on the required services
  5. Moreover, they give you an estimated time to achieve your SEO goals and also keep you updated on the progress

While hiring an SEO agency has various benefits, finding the best SEO agency in world can be challenging. In this informative guide, we’ll share a complete process to select an SEO agency that ranks your website without ads.

7 Best SEO Agencies in 2023


Primelis is a France-based agency offering its services at moderate pricing. Often called as the best SEO agency Primelis works on Websites’ SEO for better online presence and ranking. The cost for their SEO services starts at as low as $129 per month and is further based on the services.

The Egg Company

The Egg Company is an Asian company with offices in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, and Hong Kong. Content optimization, keyword research, and PPC advertising are some of their digital services. Plus, they offer customized pricing plans based on your business niche and website needs.

Straight North

Straight North is an agency located in Chicago, Illinois. Their various digital marketing services include SEO, email marketing, and lead generation. Their prices vary based on the required services, starting at least $1500 per month.


Rankstar is an SEO agency located in four countries: Vietnam, Bulgaria, France, and the US. The best SEO agency Rankstar is known for its affordable SEO services that help rank websites on search engines.


Not to brag, our customers love our SEO services that offer a 360 solution comprising on-page and off-page optimization, including SEO optimized content. We also offer AI lead generation services to bring organic as well as AI generated leads to boost your business. The best part is that we believe in value for money, providing high-quality services that satisfy customers.

Final Words

Choosing the best SEO agency is an essential yet crucial step for the success of your online business today. An SEO agency helps improve your website’s online presence and search engine rankings to gain direct customers through organic traffic. With the above guide, you can choose from the best SEO agency Primelis, Rankstar, Kubico, The Egg Company, Straight North, and others. From determining your desired SEO goals and looking for recommendations to ensuring clear communication, follow the process to achieve big. Remember, the success of your business mainly depends on the expertise and services of the SEO agency. So, choose the SEO Company very wisely.

If you have any further queries, our SEO and content optimization experts can help.

Get in touch with us at Kubico to learn more!

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