Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising

Automated Reach

Our programmatic advertising service allows you to buy digital ad audiences more efficiently.

Our programmatic advertising service helps your business get the best out of your ad spend by driving targeted traffic and achieving your business goals.


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Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Demand-side platform

These programmatic ad platforms allow advertisers to purchase ads across various channels simultaneously.

Sell-side platform

Sell-side or supply-side platforms enable advertisers to sell their ad impressions to the advertisers comprising both ad exchanges and demand-side platforms.

Ad exchanges

Side-sell platforms use ad exchanges to move forward their ad inventory to demand-side platforms, and the prices may fluctuate based on the competitor’s inventory.

Kubico’s Programmatic Advertising Services

Business Analysis

Kubico analyzes your business and understands your business goals to work on creating suitable strategies. Studying your business ensures our teams create the most efficient, personalized techniques to improve impressions and engagements.

Customized Strategy Design

We realize your business goals and target audience to design customized programmatic advertising strategies for your business. Our experts work closely with you to understand your budget and target audience and create a comprehensive strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your programmatic ad campaigns.

Audience Segmentation

Effective programmatic advertising requires finding the target audience and segmenting them according to their preferences. We use advanced techniques and technologies to reach your ideal customers through data sources, including customer behavior and demographics. This way, we deliver your ads to the right targets, more likely to engage and convert to give you a better ROI.

Real-time Bidding

Real-time bidding is a crucial part of programmatic ads, and you do not have to worry about it with our programmatic advertising service. We use different real-time bidding platforms, including demand-side and sell-side platforms, to access ad inventory across multiple publishers. Our publishing network relationships allow us to get you the best placements for your ads.

Creative Optimization

We create a mix of static and dynamic ads to grab the attention of potential customers, targeting them according to the user’s context. We optimize your ad content using data insights by adding attractive visuals and CTAs in real-time to engage the audience.

Cross-device Marketing

Kubico ensures cross-device programmatic ads to increase your brand’s visibility to users across devices. We ensure your ads are compatible with desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and any other device. This improves your brand presence across platforms regardless of the user’s device.

Analysis and Campaign Optimization

We implement data-driven insights from programmatic ads to improve audience engagement and conversions. Our teams obtain real-time data through advanced analytical tools and leverage this data to make informed decisions. Continuously monitoring and tracking the progress allows us to maximize results on your ad spend.

Result Measurement

Kubico believes in transparency, and our team keeps you updated throughout the process. We produce measurable results and provide in-depth progress reports to ensure you get a high ROI on ad spend. The reports cover audience insights, ad placements, engagements, conversions, and campaign ROI. These metrics allow us to make well-informed decisions in the future.

Programmatic Ad Placement

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Highly Targeted
Programmatic advertising allows you to reach a highly set of audiences for your brand. Our teams use data, metrics, and the best tools to target high-potential audience that converts. It also allows specific audience layering, geolocation, contextual keyword usage, IP targeting, and retargeting.
Boosts Engagements and Conversions
Kubico’s programmatic advertising service allows you to connect to the right kind of audience, leading to higher engagements and conversions through optimized ad placement and messaging. It attracts, informs, and converts your audience with the most effective tools and an expert team!
FASTER AND Cost Efficient
Programmatic advertising uses automated bidding to drive better results while saving you time. This approach helps you place your ad better on ad spaces with less ad spending than manual ad targeting. You can deliver highly personalized and relevant content to your target audience to drive high-quality, consistent traffic to your website. The costs are up to ten times less than the traditional ad buys.
Monitoring and Reporting
We continuously optimize your programmatic advertising campaigns and provide you with the latest updates on progress. Kubico gives you complete control over budget, campaign optimization, and monitoring of the campaign across different devices, placements, and audiences.

Why Kubico for Programmatic Advertising

Result-oriented programmatic ads
Targeted and personalized
Dynamic support

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