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We understand the need to retain customers after acquiring them and the role retargeting plays in it.

Our experts employ result-oriented retargeting strategies to encourage customers to purchase your products or services again. Retargeted ads bring 25% of customers with abandoned carts to e-commerce stores and increase ad engagement by up to 400%. Reports show web users are 70% more likely to convert through retargeted ads. You can connect with your customers and increase revenue by using the right retargeting strategies for your target audience.

Retargeting Vs. Remarketing

Retargeting Vs. Remarketing

Remarketing and retargeting eventually contribute to the same, i.e. reminding more people of your site and increasing conversions. However, they are not the same.


It refers to collecting contact information from potential customers to deliver email campaigns. They might mention deals and discounts on the products they interacted with.


Retargeting comprises showing ads to your target audience to remind them of your business and the products they liked. It often involves cookies that automatically collect data about visitors’ actions on your website; you can retarget them with adequate ads, then.
Retargeting helps bring back your customers by reminding them of your products and services if they leave your website without buying. Our retargeting team applied different techniques to show relevant ads to your customers to remind them of the products they liked. It pushes them to give it a second thought and make a purchase in most cases.

Kubico’s Retargeting Services

Website Audit

The team of retargeting experts at Kubico thoroughly studies your website stats to understand the situation and identify people ready to take action. It allows us to create a custom audience for retargeting and increasing conversions.

Budget Allocation

After auditing your website and identifying, our experts brainstorm about an adequate budget to reach potential customers. We consider the target audience, retargeting objectives, and other factors that impact the budget. Our team ensures the best results within your budget.

Personalized Strategy Creation

Understanding that one size does not fit all, we create unique strategies for your business that resonate with your business goals and objectives. We create personalized strategies ensuring that the campaign reaches the right audience and brings in more conversions for you. Every ad is tailored according to unique customer needs.

Audience Segmentation and Geo-targeting

We realize that each user visiting your website is unique, and the same retargeting technique might not work for all. Kubico creates audience segments and targets them based on their demographics, interactions, and interests. This helps us create highly targeted and personalized campaigns for each segment. Furthermore, geo-targeting helps us reach your potential clientele by targeting customers based on location.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is inevitable for a successful ad retargeting campaign, and our team is exceptional at that. Our SEO and content management service helps you develop customer personas, keyword research, ad design and optimization, cookie consent banners, and more. We ensure that your content is visible to your target audience and generates more revenue.

Campaign Setup and Management

Creatives at Kubico are well-versed with the complexities of ad retargeting campaigns and take care of all intricacies from creating the campaign to optimizing it and producing results. We pick out the most suitable platforms for your business and monitor your campaigns to modify them where needed

Cross-device Retargeting

Expert teams at Kubico design your retargeting strategies across various devices to showcase them to all users regardless if they are browsing on mobile, web, or tablet. It offers consistent visibility and messaging across various devices to reach the target audience.

Constant Monitoring

We monitor and optimize our campaigns continuously to maximize results from retargeting. Our expert team analyzes key metrics, campaign performance, and A/B testing to improve ad performance and ROI. Constant monitoring allows us to generate the best results for your business.

Tools We Use for Retargeting

On Time, On Budget, On Target.

Google Ads
Discounts and offers
SEO and Content Optimization Tools
Microsoft Advertising
Syndication Networks
Facebook Custom Audiences

Why Choose Kubico for Retargeting

Extensive Experience

Our SEO experts thoroughly audit your and your competitor’s websites to identify their strengths and create a strategy accordingly. Our years of experience allow us to pinpoint the weak points and offer immediate solutions to improve visibility.


Our search engine and content optimization strategies are uniquely tailored to your brand’s needs. We study your brand’s target audience, conduct keyword research, and prepare personalized strategies to meet your expectations. Our team uses the best techniques and technologies that drive results.


We focus on white-hat strategies to bring your website to the top instead of resorting to black-hat techniques. We prioritize long-term success by providing value to users through high-quality content and improving website authority. Our ethical SEO strategies ensure you results without compromising on the reputation
Among the select few Premier Google Partners, we proudly stand as one.
Join hands with excellence in digital marketing. Within the realm of pay-per-click management, attaining Premier Partner Status is a distinction achieved by only a few. This accolade is bestowed upon agencies that consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients, reflecting prolonged excellence. We take pride in our membership within this esteemed cohort.
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