8 Best SEO Analysis Tools

8 Best SEO Analysis Tools

With Google organic search responsible for 59.2% of the world’s web traffic, SEO has become critical to reaching maximum potential customers. Effective search engine optimization requires in-depth analysis to ensure your strategies bring results. SEO analysis is crucial for online success because it boosts visibility, attracts targeted traffic, and provides a competitive edge.

This article explains how to analyze SEO performance and optimize content for better visibility, traffic, and rankings. It brings you the list of the analytical tools by Google and other SEO analysis and website review tools to help you rank on top.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Key Indicators For SEO Performance Analysis

Online tools give you an insight into your website’s performance. But you can only understand the numbers when you know what impacts your site’s SEO. The key elements contributing to SEO performance include:

Keyword Rankings

Keyword ranking is everything when it comes to website and content optimization. It reveals where your content shows up in searches. Higher rankings mean more visibility and clicks, leading to higher chances of conversions.

Meta Tags

Meta tags (title and description) preview your page in search results. The title should be catchy with the main keyword. Both must accurately reflect content for improved search visibility. Moreover, meta tags must be mobile-responsive to improve user experience on desktop and mobile.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic (OT) refers to people finding your website through search results, not ads. It’s crucial for good SEO. If you’re using Google Analytics, check Audience > Overview and add the Organic Traffic filter to see how many visitors come naturally compared to all visits. It is one of the key metrics to see how many people land on your site through optimized pages.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR, or Click-Through Rate, is an important SEO analysis metric. It shows the percentage of people who click a link after seeing it. A higher CTR indicates relevant content and can improve search rankings. Monitoring and improving CTR enhances content quality and attracts more organic traffic.


High-quality backlinks from high-authority websites are critical to the SEO success recipe. They pass that authority on your website, signaling the search engine to push your content to the top. To determine if it’s good, Google checks backlink quality, including relevance and authority. Always focus on the quality of links, not the quantity; ensure you obtain backlinks to websites in the same niche.

Google also checks technical elements like no-follow links, redirects, and anchor text to understand how good a link is.

Page Load Speed

Page load speed affects user experience and search rankings. Faster loads make users happy and improve rankings. At the same time, slow loads frustrate users, increasing bounce rate and lowering rankings. Google ranks faster sites higher for better user experience.

Google SEO Analytics Tools

Google offers two tools to analyze the performance of your content on the search engine:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics

Both are critical to SEO analysis and website review.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps monitor and improve your website’s performance in Google search results.

Setting up Google Search Console

  1. Log in to Google Search Console
  2. Click “+ Add Property”
  3. Enter website URL
  4. Verify ownership (e.g., HTML tag)
  5. Add verification code to <head> of the homepage
  6. Access tools and reports
  7. Check how Google sees the site
  8. Track search performance
  9. Fix issues and submit sitemap

Google Analytics

Google Analytics shows you how people use your website so you can make it better for them through adequate SEO analysis.

Setting up Google Analytics

  1. Go to Google Analytics website
  2. Sign in with a Google account or create one
  3. Click the “Admin” tab, then “+ Create Property”
  4. Fill in website info
  5. Choose the “Web” tracking method
  6. Enter the website URL and details
  7. Receive tracking code
  8. Add code to every page before “</head>”
  9. Check Google Analytics for data

SEO Analysis And Website Review Tools


Widely known for its free keyword generation tool, Aherfs is the SEO review platform of choice for most experts. You can get the top-performing keywords and identify issues like broken links that might impact your site’s health. Ahrefs’s algorithm also helps you find content gaps that affect your website’s ranking.


  • Finds the most popular content on any topic
  • Gives you keyword ideas by analyzing top-performing websites
  • Compares your content with your competitors to target high-ranking keywords
  • Checks your website for performance issues


Sitechecker is another well-known web visibility platform that conducts thorough website audits, tracks keyword rankings, analyzes backlinks, and monitors sites 24/7. Their Rank Checker tool offers in-depth SEO analysis, aiding users in optimizing their blog URLs. This tool lets you assess your standings against competitors and their domain and traffic sources, strategically enhancing your blog’s rankings.


  • Helps check competitors’ ranking keywords
  • Allows you to track backlinks
  • Monitors your sites to search for no follow or broken links
  • Provides insight into on-page SEO


Semrush is popular SEO performance analysis tool that shows how websites perform in search results. It tells which pages, content, and words work best. Semrush is a wonderful tool for online stores and website owners. It helps them understand what tricks their competition uses for SEO.


  • Find out how websites rank
  • Looks at product ads
  • Check out website traffic
  • Uncovers advertising tricks

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a SEO analysis platform that offers accurate keyword tracking, detailed backlink research, and in-depth website check. With SE Ranking, you get a simple dashboard, an easy report maker, and a tool to track page changes. It also includes multi-user access for better teamwork.


  • Exact Keyword Tracker
  • Keeps an eye on Google Ads, Maps, and search results
  • Shows what competitors are up to in search results
  • Works well with Google Search Console and Google Analytics


Moz is the ultimate tool for monitoring your keyword performance and making changes accordingly to improve ranking. The best part is that the free features of Moz are quite helpful for SEO analysis. However, the premium tools enable you to manage your campaigns more conveniently. Take the free trial before upgrading to see if you need the extra features.


  • Offers on-page optimization suggestion
  • Gets content ideas for related keywords
  • Analyzes keyword volume and density of high-ranking keywords
  • Checks domain authority and ranking links
  • Crawls the website to find performance issues

Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder is an essential tool when you think of “How to analyze SEO performance.” It contributes to content optimization by providing good keywords, and their difficulty and volume. You can also look for keywords based on language and area; there’s a history part that shows how much people search for a keyword over time.


  • Find words that work in specific places and languages
  • Shows easy-to-understand info about how often words are searched and how hard they are
  • Has a special area to see how keywords changed over time
  • Lets you save the words you find


Nightwatch can track your website’s ranking in over 100,000 places worldwide. It’s great for checking how well your site ranks locally and globally. This tool lets you see your site’s ranking anywhere in any Google data center. You can count on Nightwatch for accurate information about how well your site appears in search results.


  • Shows how well keywords perform in different groups
  • Makes reports automatically
  • Check your site’s health
  • Tracks where your site shows up in search results


The last on our list of SEO performance analysis tools is Majestic, primarily used for its backlink reports. The platform offers three free tools with monthly plans starting from $49.99.


  • Finds out the number of backlinks in domains and URLs
  • Tells you which domains are linked to competitors
  • Mentions URL’s search score
  • Check the page URLs and titles with specific keywords

Why is SEO Analysis Important?

SEO analysis is critical to every business today as it helps you improve visibility and eventually builds brand awareness. Most tools focus on on-page and off-page SEO, providing information about keyword usage and other website elements contributing to user experience.

Whether you use Google analytical tools or other online SEO tools to optimize your website, they can be incredibly helpful. Some of them analyze your website and compare your competitor’s content to give you a better insight.

Today, organic searches bring in higher searches than social media, making SEO an important part of your online presence.

Ready to Optimize Your Website?

Ranking on Google can be tough when Google has thousands of results for every search query. And this is where SEO analysis and website review come into play. Analyzing your website’s on-page and off-page SEO allows you to understand where you are lacking compared to your competitors.

While these tools are readily available, they are more suitable for professionals who understand the intricacies of these metrics. SEO experts use their expertise to find the lagging areas and implement strategies to achieve results.

Our skilled Search Engine Optimization team at Kubico is adept at analyzing and improving on-page and off-page website performance to push it to the top.

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