Top Content Marketing Trends in 2023/ 2024

If you need to master one skill this year as a marketer, it is content marketing. And that is why you need to know all the content marketing trends 2023/2024.

Studies show an estimated $584.02 billion in content marketing growth during 2023-2027.

However, bringing in higher revenue without staying updated is impossible. While some changes are not prominent, you might also notice major transformations over time.

But before we tell you the latest content marketing trends this year, let’s begin with an overview of content marketing and how it can help.

The Present and Future of Marketing – Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a critical marketing element and has helped brands reach a wider audience. High-quality content dispersed through different channels is a number one priority among users.

It helps you in various ways throughout the process, like:

  • Engaging potential customers
  • Loyal customer base
  • Saves costs

This article tells you everything you need to know to make your content marketing funnel more persuasive.

Let’s dive in!

Content Marketing Trends in 2023/ 2024

Interactive, Evergreen Content

Interactive content is the backbone of an effective content marketing strategy, and what’s better than creating something that stays forever?

It is best to choose topics and content patterns that always stay relevant. You might need to make minor modifications with changing times, but the content remains on top always.

So, create content that does not have an expiry date.

Producing content that stays in the limelight forever enables you to save content creation costs and improve ROI. Studies and surveys show that marketers believe interactive content optimizes the audience experience and keeps them on your web pages and socials longer.

While it might sound counterintuitive, you must also add content relevant to changing trends. It should be so interactive and impactful that you can grab the audience’s attention without working on multiple pieces. Invest your energy in less quantity but high-quality trending ideas.

Polls, animations, and interactive infographics are some of the simplest yet effective elements.

Give your potential customers what they want to see!

Bite-sized Trends

Reports suggest that an average individual sees 6,000 to 10,000 ads every day. But how many do they remember?

Users’ attention span has reduced drastically over the years as they have to process a lot of information online, making it difficult to create a lasting impact.

You can make a place among your competitors if you hit the audiences’ pain points correctly. Most marketers and advertisers recommend short, crisp content that immediately attracts customers. Thus, bite-sized content will be one of the popular content marketing trends in 2023/2024.

Create short content pieces throughout different channels to stay in your target audiences’ minds.

Voice Search Optimization

Oberlo’s voice search statistics mention that around half of the US population uses voice search, and 71% of consumers prefer voice search.

Besides voice search devices, over a quarter (27 percent) of the global online population uses the voice search feature on their smartphones.

So, brands and businesses need to amp up their game and optimize their content for voice search. Long-tail keywords are the fundamental element of making your content voice search friendly.

Marketers must remember that voice queries are question-based instead of a conversational sentence format. For example, users say, “Hey Alexa, where can I find the best cupcakes in Amsterdam?” instead of “Best cupcakes in Amsterdam.”

Despite already including these factors to provide the right answers to the users, you might need to incorporate modern elements in your SEO strategy.

UGC is Here to Stay

We can’t disagree that AI and continuously changing trends add to marketers’ challenges. But don’t worry; user-generated content (UGC) is here to stay!

Whether you have adapted to the changing advertising and dynamic well or not, you can always leverage user-generated content to attract new potential customers. Consumers have always believed in what other users say, and they continue to do so.

Statistics show that approximately 90% of consumers feel UGC is useful and believe what other customers express about a brand.

Around three-quarters of brands believe UGC helps them engage their customers and build trust.

Usually, small businesses invest time and effort in providing efficient customer service, indirectly marketing their product through word-of-mouth. But UGC is critical for all businesses – small and large enterprises alike.

Podcasts are the New YouTube

People have always loved YouTube to obtain information about different products before deciding, but podcasts are rising steadily now.

If you wonder, “Why so?” Podcasts enable people to listen to reviews and informative content while driving, mopping, playing with kids, or anything. They facilitate multitasking!

Statistics show over 2 million podcasts and 420 million people listening to them.

Marketers see the potential in podcasts, and 80% plan to invest in podcast ads in 2023-2024 to see how it goes.

You can leverage podcasts to your benefit in various ways:

  • Create your own podcast
  • Collaborate with popular podcasters
  • Run ads on different podcasts

The best part is that they are easy on the pocket and effort.

And yes, it is as simple as it seems. Study your audience, pick relevant topics, choose niche podcasters relating to your business, and you’re ready to make the best of it!

TikTok Still Rules

Despite the talk of the US banning TikTok, it continues to be the most popular platform for short-form videos. And users seem to enjoy this type of content the most nowadays, bringing it to the list of content marketing trends in 2023/ 2024.

TikTok is the most popular social media platform today, with 1 billion monthly active users.

TikTok users spend an average of 1.5 hours on the app daily, offering high visibility to many content creators. Besides TikTok, Instagram Reels have also become a popular short-video content channel.

Businesses have been reaching their target audience through TikTok videos and Instagram reels, and we can only see more jumping on the bandwagon.

In this fast era, users prefer content that provides value without consuming much of their time.

If you are not using TikTok and Instagram to increase brand visibility and boost conversions, try it and see the magic!

Rise of AI

AI is evolving and has so much to offer for content marketers in 2023/ 2024.

Most writers globally are now using AI to create content, and marketers are leveraging its analytical abilities to create engaging content. You can also ask AI to produce images for you.

Lo-and-behold, Google’s RankBrain algorithm is also using AI to sort search results and offer the most suitable answers to search engine queries.

While you might think everyone using AI makes it the best choice, how you use it makes the whole difference. Many big names believe AI content is spam and do not prefer it over human-generated content.

Only 10% of marketers currently use AI to generate content, but over 58% plan to increase their usage this year.

Whether AI is the best choice for content creation is an ongoing debate, but no one can deny how critical it is for refining your content. It can help with:

  • Content planning
  • Keyword research
  • Data analytics
  • Creating ad segments
  • Producing compelling campaigns

and more!

Many software like Grammarly, ChatFuel, and Google Docs, have incorporated AI into their systems and services to improve strategy building and promote growth.

However, we must understand that AI is unable to perform functions on its own, and companies can make the best use of it through human and machine symbiosis.

Also, AI cannot take over a content marketer’s job yet. It needs human skill, supervision, and judgment to analyze if the content and strategies suggested by AI are suitable for the business.


How can we talk about the content marketing trends in 2023/ 2024 without mentioning Metaverse?

Metaverse came as something alien to marketers and social media users in 2021 when Meta announced this virtual reality world.

But now, experts expect the Metaverse market to reach $800 billion by 2024.

Though the Metaverse mayhem is everywhere, there is no surety about the virtual world and how things will go in the future. Some specialists believe the virtual world will take us to futuristic living, whereas others think it might just be a pricey sink, costing billions of dollars.

Brands like Nike have already started working on advertising in the Metaverse, with many other fashion, film, and sports brands looking forward to the same. Statistics show that Metaverse investment doubled to a hundred billion from 2021 to 2022.

Metaverse is believed to be majorly for gamers, but businesses in all domains want to join it. It will allow users to socialize in the social world, and marketers can engage potential customers uniquely.

More Data-Driven Approaches

You might have already heard of it, but with the rise of AI, advertising is becoming more data-driven. Furthermore, as the top affiliate marketing trends show that cookies will be gone soon, marketers can also use this first-party data to benefit.

Marketing and advertising have always relied on collected data and analytics to improve conversions. However, it is becoming more critical with increasing competition.

Companies must apply every ounce of data to create engaging ads if they want to stay in the limelight. It allows you to address the customer’s pain points and highlight what they already like.

To beat others to it, marketers will need to understand GA4 (Google Analytics 4) replacing Universal Analytics in July 2023; it is a massive shift and will allow better measurement capabilities.

Repurposing Content for Multiple Channels

If you are spending time creating something new for every channel, we hate to break it to you that you’re not doing it the best way.

With the expansion of social media and the addition of Threads to the landscape, producing unique content for each platform requires a lot of energy and resources.

So, the best approach is repurposing content for multiple channels through smart working.

Web3 will soon be the talk of the town with its ability to provide hyper-personalized content that you may advertise to a specific audience across different platforms.

However, when you do so, remember everything else we have mentioned in the article, including voice search, short content, evergreen topics, and user-generated content. Whether you use the same on two platforms or twenty, it must engage the audience.

Final Words

Content marketing is one of the fundamental elements of marketing. And you must keep up with the content marketing trends in 2023/ 2024 to bring your business to the top. Focus on short, engaging, evergreen content optimized for voice search across different platforms, including TikTok and Podcasts. User-generated content is also here to stay and improve your brand’s image among potential customers. Last but not least, repurpose your content using tools to save time.

So, are you ready to embrace 2024 with these killer trends to help you climb to the peak?

Let us know what you think!

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