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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Trends To Look At 2023/2024

Affiliate marketing has been a favorite among marketers, and the industry has been improving by the week. Despite the evolution of social media marketing in the past few years, affiliate marketing still claims its space. However, consumer behaviors and technologies have evolved, bringing up the need to stay updated with the top 10 affiliate marketing trends for 2023 and 2024.

Dive into this article to learn everything you need to know about changing trends in the affiliate marketing world.

Why Affiliate Marketing is Never Outdated?

Many marketing trends come and go, but affiliate marketing stays firm. If you wonder what’s the reason, it’s three simple things:

  • Less investment
  • Less effort
  • Excellent ROI

Affiliate marketing is an advertiser’s best friend, allowing you to bring conversion without massive investments. It is a low-cost business growth plan, equally good for small businesses and corporations. Marketers and advertisers have used affiliate marketing for years due to its convenience.

Affiliate marketing allows businesses to reach a wider audience with less work and expense. Becoming a part of an affiliate marketing program automatically brings you to the attention of potential customers. Though, the competition is cutthroat, and you need to work with the right affiliate programs and stay updated to be successful. Kubico’s close relationships with an extensive affiliate marketing network allow us to be on top of the game and offer maximum opportunities for your business.

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Trends To Look At 2023/2024

Affiliate marketing has emerged as a cost-effective solution to drive traffic to businesses of all sizes. The industry is expanding with opportunities for established brands and small-scale businesses. But what’s new?

We’re sharing the top 10 affiliate marketing trends to look at in 2023 and 2024 to make the best out of them. Check them out here:

Coupon & Discount-Based Affiliate Programs

Inflation has taken the world by storm, and a huge global population is looking for cheaper alternatives to everyday products. And if you can offer that, you win!

In the past few years, many businesses moved to incentive-based affiliates like coupons, discounts, cashback, loyalty partners, etc. It proved immensely successful, offering better value for money to the customers brought in high conversions for businesses.

However, as affiliate marketers in 2023-2024, building trust among your customers is important to incite interest in your coupons and discounts.

Google’s FMTC Partnership

If you have stepped into 2023 without analyzing the FMTC partnership with Google, it is the perfect time to check it out. Google closed its affiliate network in 2013 to focus on ads. Thus, this partnership is amazing news for all businesses.

All the information about the giant’s partnership with FMTC reveals that Google will feature codes in the US from the merchants signed up to FMTC’s FreshReach program. Furthermore, it will enable shoppers to find generic codes throughout the search engines and make shopping more convenient.

It is one of the latest and potentially exciting trends 2023, leading the affiliate marketing world into 2024. It can benefit companies looking for different pathways to reach their customers if Google expands the program.

Brand Partnership Models

Brand partnerships have been a critical element of affiliate programs in recent years, and the trend seems to be here to stay. Reports show that retail media might comprise almost a fifth of all digital ad spending by 2024.

While Amazon offered tremendous success to affiliate marketers and businesses, many more retail media networks have emerged. Tesco, Walmart, Sainsbury, and Best Buy are a few to name. But it is not restricted to business giants. Affiliate partnerships with brands can provide ample opportunities for small business owners. It can help them create a new income stream with less investment and work.

Brands can set these partnerships within their affiliate programs, translating to ease and convenience.

A Cookie-free World

With everything else changing in the tech world, Google is also on its way to implementing some interesting privacy changes. And yes, we might be saying Goodbye to Cookies very soon. (We understand how annoying they can be!)

Google looks forward to phasing out third-party cookies from the Google Chrome web browser, offering the spotlight to first-party cookies. It will allow the company to improve contextual advertising and show ads to the right audience. Google has already launched a pilot program, and we might be third-party-cookies-free by late 2024.

Refining your contextual marketing strategies will help you prepare before Google swipes off third-party cookies.


Besides text affiliate marketing, brand and influencer collaborations are a huge deal, especially when micro-influencers are becoming big!

Social media marketing has skyrocketed in recent years, and the algorithm finds micro-influencers as important as macro-influencers. They have between 10,000 and 25,000 followers and closely-knit communities that relate to them and trust their recommendations. Thus, reaching out to small influencers will become an inevitable need in acquiring niche users. Performance-based micro and nano influencer marketing will boost in 2023-2024.

Plus, micro-influencers can also be cost-effective as they have fewer collaborations to work with. They think out of the box to create compelling content and engage the audience in a personalized manner. Micro-influencers are the best pick if your focus channels are TikTok and Instagram.

Voice Search

You might have heard how vital voice search will become in the next few years, especially with the rise of AI. But do you know it will also influence affiliate marketing in 2023-2024. Almost all platforms now often voice searches as they have become popular among users. Marketers also expect voice research to replace text search massively.

However, affiliate marketers must understand voice search to the core to use it best. Long-tail SEO keywords are your best friends if you want to rule voice search in your focus keywords. Conduct in-depth keyword research to find the perfect ones your niche customers use.

Shorter Payment Cycles

Though it took 90 days or more to receive payments on sales, you’ll be surprised to know how drastically it is changing. Shorter payment cycles are one of the most revolutionary affiliate marketing trends to look at 2023-2024. Now, affiliate marketers can get paid weekly or even in real time. 

Improving cash flow through shorter cycles will encourage more brands to opt for affiliate marketing and expand affiliate networks; the businesses will also be able to connect with the right audience more efficiently.

In-app Monitoring

The advent of AI has made one more thing easier and more important: monitoring and tracking.

According to Statista, people worldwide downloaded 255 billion applications on their smartphones. And the number is not coming down as mobile users continue to grow. In-app monitoring will allow affiliate marketers to monitor user behavior and improve ads for the target audience. Tracking and monitoring the entire sales funnel is pivotal in boosting conversions.

Integrating Mobile Measurement Partners helps calculate and regulate user and conversion data to provide valuable information.

Crypto is the New Dollar

It might have surprised you if you had heard of crypto affiliate programs a few years back. But now it’s the norm.

Crypto is becoming an important part of payment gateways after the introduction of blockchain. The launch of Bitcoin has specifically impacted the use of Cryptocurrency in affiliate programs. Now, more and more programs take Crypto as a valid currency. Companies can maximize their revenue by opting for crypto affiliates, as banks also accept it.

So, if you are interested in crypto advertising, this is your time!

Affiliate Marketing in Metaverse

How could we talk about the top 10 affiliate marketing trends to look at 2023-2024 and not mention Metaverse?

Metaverse is all set to offer affiliate marketing opportunities in this new world to make it lively and beneficial to businesses. As brands start seeing affiliate marketing potential for virtual-world wearables, the affiliate marketing world might see a significant shift.

While it is not as common, Nike and L’oreal have already entered the Metaverse affiliate marketing game. Brands and marketers are unsure how it will turn out but are optimistic about Metaverse driving major revenue.

It is also a more suitable approach for companies with products that the virtual world better relates to. Augmented reality and virtual reality products are the most adequate examples.

Bonus: Don’t Forget AI!

AI is revolutionizing all industries and markets, and how could it miss affiliate marketing?

AI and machine learning are opening avenues businesses were unaware of, allowing efficient working.

Some affiliate marketers already use AI to automate link building and track conversions. And it’s the right time to jump on the bandwagon!

The use of AI-powered tools is one of the strongest affiliate marketing trends in the future. They will allow marketers to understand complex search queries and pick relevant ads to show to the users based on engagement data.

AI saves time and effort and helps you find resources for affiliate marketing. It can filter potential affiliate lists, find a suitable influencer, or create an AI affiliate. Also, do not A/B testing to see what works best for the brand.

Thus, AI leverages an increase in the effectiveness of affiliate marketing campaigns.

So, Are You Ready?

Affiliate marketing is growing and seeing major transformations recently, requiring affiliate marketers to always be on their toes. Whether using micro and nano influencers, optimizing voice search, or creating coupon-affiliate programs, you must bring out the best. Furthermore, Metaverse affiliate marketing and AI-driven insights have the ability to reframe the industry and bring better opportunities.

Be ready to embrace market-altering changes in affiliate marketing and stay on top of your game with these top 10 affiliate marketing trends in 2023-2024.


What are the affiliate marketing trends in 2024?

With time, the need for customized, contextual ads is increasing exponentially. Brands also expect marketers to use AI and machine learning to produce result-oriented campaigns and monitor the progress. 2024 will bring more affiliate marketing opportunities for businesses focused on virtual-world products in the Metaverse.

What is the consumers trend in 2023?

Euromonitor International’s Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2023 report shows a disruptive Gen Z and a high number of responsible but emotional purchases. There has also been an increase in female equality demands online since digitalization has revolutionized the shopping process.

What are the current trends in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketers are working on voice search and collaborating with micro and nano influencers to reach niche audiences. They are inclined towards engaging, compelling ads created through machine learning and AI to produce campaigns that push conversions.

Which is the best niche for affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a low-cost, low-effort way to generate revenue regardless of your niche. However, technology is considered the top niche for affiliate marketing, with wealth building being the most profitable. Others include health and fitness, fashion and beauty, lifestyle, hobby, pet care, etc.


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