evolution of brand

the evolution of brand: building obsession in a world of choice

In today’s world, consumers have more power than ever before. With endless choices and the ability to stay engaged with brands through social media, the traditional barriers to launching a successful business have been removed. As a result, even companies in categories that were not traditionally brand-led are beginning to think about their brand in new ways. In this landscape, it is more important than ever for brands to stand out and drive obsession, becoming part of consumers’ identities.

According to Emily Hayward, a speaker on brand evolution, a brand is not just a logo, name, and colors; it is what your business stands for at its core. It is why people should care that you exist. Brands that win today are not just building loyalty; they are driving obsession. A brand should be the driving force of how your business behaves and should influence everything from customer service policies to marketing campaigns.
The speakers discuss three principles that are essential to building successful brands: achieving the desired look, combining emotional and functional benefits in brand storytelling, and creating a sense of community.

To achieve the desired look, products should help people look more like their ideal selves, rather than creating an unnatural appearance. Brands should focus on enhancing natural beauty and making people feel confident, rather than trying to mold them into a specific ideal.

In storytelling, brands must tap into emotions that are closely tied to what their products actually do. Emotional storytelling should strike a balance between rational and emotional appeals. Brands should communicate the functional benefits of their products while also connecting with consumers on a deeper emotional level.
Lastly, community building involves connecting people who share the same values, as opposed to just creating a platform for consumers to interact with each other. By speaking to people’s values, brands can create a feeling of shared connection and build a meaningful community.

In a world where consumers have more choice and power than ever before, building a brand that stands out is more important than ever. The most successful brands are those that drive obsession, becoming part of consumers’ identities. By focusing on the desired look, emotional and functional storytelling, and community building, brands can create a meaningful connection with consumers and build a loyal following. In this way, brands can succeed and thrive in a world of choice and competition.

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